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Renting is in line with the worldwide trend towards outsourcing, allowing resources to be dedicated to core activities. While a company’s pride of ownership counts for a lot, renting can save wireless construction contractors from a financial burden.

Renting tools and heavy equipment is less expensive than buying if the equipment is used fewer than 70% of the year. Renting eliminates numerous expenses associated with owning or leasing equipment since rental rates include full maintenance. There are no repair shops, no spare parts, no mechanics, no parts supply inventory or maintenance records required. Equipment down time takes a serious hit on profits when the equipment fails. If you’re working with a reputable rental organization they’ll be able to immediately provide you with a replacement.

Tools Heavy Equipment Rental 2Many wireless construction projects require the contractor’s crews to move to multiple states in as many months. Even if the contractor owns some of the heavy equipment required, rental might be a better option for the short project duration instead of having to mobilize the equipment and a CDL driver. Most rental firms will provide delivery and pickup. If there is a fee for this service, weigh the cost of what your expenditure will be to pickup and return the equipment while other members of your crew remain idle.

Insurance is required for heavy equipment and you will have to add an average 10% of the rental price if your certificate of insurance is not on file at the rental firm.

Tools and small equipment are within a close range of pricing throughout the country. Heavy equipment can see great variances in monthly rentals. A skid steer loader (1750 lbs.) averaging $1,680 per month, was listed by a few rental agencies at $1,900 in Chicago and $1,500 in Dallas and Atlanta.

CalculatorThe below listings are industry averages for tools and heavy equipment pricing. Pricing and availability will vary based upon the location and season. Most national firms will provide favorable pricing and additional customer services based upon client rental requirements.

We recommend that you contact our valued industrial tool rental companies to obtain additional information about their rental equipment, services, capabilities and experience.

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