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When your wireless business is faced with developmental issues or with problems that will not go away, a consultant may be your answer. In the end, you can save time and money by funding the right support to help you overcome a current obstacle or avoid costly mistakes. Consultants can provide the assistance to increase your company’s revenue, profitability and market share by formulating plans, strategies and tactics you need to be successful.

A good consultant, looking at your situation objectively, should be able to identify and implement the solution to the problem more quickly and efficiently than you or your staff. An advantage is knowing what types of problems warrant a consultant's services. Here are basic guidelines:

  • When you need an Business Consultants 2 objective point of view.
  • When you are very close to a situation, there is often a tendency to favor a predetermined - rather than creative – solution.
  • When the problem or situation is short-term.
  • When the problem requires special expertise, such as identifying market opportunities for wireless backhaul equipment, or addressing legal issues.
  • When your organization's financial situation is not favorable toward hiring permanent staff with all the consequential financial obligations.
  • When your company seems to be operating in a crisis-management mode.

If you are introducing a new wireless product or service, a consultant  Business Consultants 3 can identify and discuss the key strengths and weaknesses that may positively or negatively influence customer acceptance and market viability. They can also let you know if a realistic and large enough opportunity exists or may materialize to warrant further investment in the development of the product or service.

You can be advised about new construction and service opportunities being opened up by emerging technologies. Consultants can assist in your business plan development and provide a market and exit program as well as explore the opportunities for a capital infusion, a strategic partnership or an acquisition.

CalculatorMost consultants will quote a fixed price, or a range with a minimum and maximum, for performing a specific task, usually with a stated rate per day for extras outside the agreed scope of work. One important implication of this is that you must convey clearly to the consultant the exact scope of work, and the consultant must understand and agree. Negotiating a detailed contract with the Business Consultants 5 consultant is advisable.

Other means of compensation are less common. For example, the use of contingency fees, where payment is a percentage of the annual savings or increased sales based upon a consultant's recommendations, has declined in recent years.

Many leading wireless companies attribute their growth and increased revenues to the expert guidance provided by professional industry consultants.

We recommend that you contact our listed business consultants to obtain additional information about their services, capabilities and experience. 

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