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Security is one of the most important requirements in wireless site development, but is often overlooked in the planning stages. Post 9/11 vigilance has resulted in owners paying more attention to the security of their transmitter facilities. A rash of break ins and damage to radio, TV and cell site buildings throughout the country, more than a dozen in a short period of time in Texas, have captured the attention of local, federal and Homeland Defense agencies. Some tower and site management companies use remote locking solutions to ensure that unauthorized people are unable to get into restricted areas. Others have systems in place that require employees to scan electronic I.D. cards or enter pass codes. For double drive or pedestrian gate entry, multi-locking devices areLocking Device 1B available. Other site owners provide a keypad chain release system. Some companies still rely upon daisy-chaining locks together, an invitation for unlocked compounds, vandalism and theft. Your 24 hour secure site access shouldn’t involve sharing keys, combinations or bolt cutters.

Multi-locking devices provide excellent security for cLocking Device 3o-location access requirements. They can be used to secure access road, tower compound pedestrian and vehicle  gates, and rooftop doors as well as electrical cabinets, access ladders and compound buildings.

These locking systems are scalable so that new padlocks can be added up to the unit’s design limit. They can use standard bolt-on or chain catches. Locking Device 1

Specialty solutions for locking devices can be designed to allow for secure access to water tower and monopole entry hatches, and any other custom application. Multi-lock barrier posts are available for shared road access and can be used for new or existing cattle and other admission gates.

Locking Device 2Dual padlock multi-locks are also available for security that requires limited access. The main lock will not open unless one of the two locks attached to it at the bottom are removed.

Card access systems allow site owners and managers to control all access to their sites. A single card may be issued for entry into one or multiple sites. The user’s card can be remotely activated and deactivated. Most card reader systems are capable of providing detailed logs of who has entered with the date and time. This provides ideal security and easy report generation for colocation sites. Temporary access can be provided by a temporary code or remote buzz-in.

Web cams gain popularity

For sensitive wireless sites that require additional security or sites that have had a history of vandalism and theft, web cams may be the answer. You can set up an inexpensive system with fixed monitoring or you can provide a web cam system that will allow you to rotate your camera 360 degrees. These web cams can also be used to view remote vehicle and equipment storage yards.

Enterprising companies have installed web cams on sites that need Locking Device Security additional security, while also providing on their company’s web site a panoramic view of a cityscape or picturesque mountain view.

These pictures can be easily viewed by site visitors in any direction that they select. An 8mm lens is typically standard, but wide angle and telephoto lenses can be installed. A phone line at the site is preferable, but wireless systems are also available.

Most systems plug directly into a router or a LAN behind cable, DSL, T-1 or a wireless Ethernet bridge.

CalculatorPricing for a multi-padlock system that can accommodate up to 10 tenants is $220.00. Some products may require adapting hardware for tubular frames. A remote keypad locking system can run up to $1,800.00 or more. Web cams can be as low as $150.00 for a fixed system. However, for commercial models that will provide clear resolution on a web site, expect to pay from $575.00 to $2,000.00, depending upon the accessories and lenses ordered. Add taxes, freight and the cost of installation.

We recommend that you contact our security systems and locking device specialists to obtain additional information about their products and services.

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