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Weld Material

Weld metal, a mixture of copper oxide and aluminum, is packaged in individual, moisture resistant cartridges. Each cartridge contains a small amount of igniting material at the bottom, separated from the weld metal on top. These materials are not explosive and not subject to spontaneous ignition. One metal disk is typically included for each connection, but it is advisable to have extras available. Not all exothermic Exothermic Welding 2welds end up looking like this poster child photograph.

Based upon the proficiencies of your technicians, it is advisable to order at least 10% more weld material for the project so that your crew is not being held up while they wait for an overnight express package. Weld cartridges should be stored in a dry environment at all times.

CalculatorThere are approximately 10 sizes of weld material available. The averagelist price for weld metal to weld a #2 solid or stranded copper wire to a vertical pipe or ground rod is $3.07 each. The required weld material to weld a 2/0 stranded horizontal cross connection to a ground rod is $5.30 each. The same application for 4/0 is $11.90. Shipping and freight charges are not included. Weld metal cartridges, depending upon the size, come in cartons of 10 or 20. There are single weld applications available.

We recommend that you contact our valued exothermic welding manufacturers and distributors for your site-specific requirements.

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