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Exothermic Molds

There are as many exothermic graphite molds as there are conceivable attachment configurations. Some manufacturers will design a mold for your site-specific application, but order it well in advance of your project as delivery times vary. Manufacturers’ and distributors’ catalogs and web sites will easily assist you in selecting the mold for your specifications.

Handle clamps are required for most molds, but many clamps accommodate multiple molds so an inventory of mold clamps will lower the cost of your exothermic weld project. The mold controls the direction and speed of the molten weld metal flow and its final shape.

Exothermic Welding 11Molds, if maintained correctly, will last for an average of 50 or more connections under normal usage. A mold sealer is ideal for sealing the openings to retard leakage from large stranded conductors. It prolongs the useful mold life when the cable opening becomes worn.

Cables smaller than the mold can be welded by using either wrap or adapter sleeves.

We recommend that you contact our valued manufacturers and distributors for your site-specific exothermic product requirements.

CalculatorThe averagelist price for a pipe handle with chain is $85.90. A standard handle clamp is $60.70.   Molds average $83.10 for stock items. One shot molds for attaching cable to ground rods average $6.84 each. Shipping and freight charges are not included.

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