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Chemical Ground Rods

Chemically treating the soil can be an effective method to achieve lower soil resistivity. Chemical ground rods can provide a permanent soil treatment solution for a low impedance ground. Comprised of a 2” or larger hollow copper rod, the electrode is filled with an electrolytic salt mixture. The rod derives moisture from the soil and atmosphere and utilizes the moisture to slowly Chemical Ground Rods 2 dissolve the electrolytes in the rod creating a conductive rooting effect, providing an ever increasing lower resistant ground in any type of soil. The rod should be refilled periodically to provide long-term soil treatment.

The chemical rods filled with electrolytic salt come with a 4’ exothermically welded tail of either #2 solid tinned or 4/0 stranded bare copper wire. A test well is provided as well as a Bentonite admixture for backfill. Some specifications call for the backfill material to be a non-corrosive form of bentonite clay free of polymer sealants that should absorb approximately 14 gallons of water per 50# bag.

Vertical or horizontal chemical rods are available as well as L-shaped rods which may have a larger bend radius.

CalculatorThe below table reflects average distributor pricing for chemical ground rods. It does not include sales tax or freight. Additional recharge material averages $37.00 for a 50# bag which will refill a 10’ rod. Costs can fluctuate if there are volatile swings in copper pricing.






Dist. Pricing

Weight (lbs.)

10' Vertical



20 Vertical






20' Horizontal



10' L-Shaped



20' L-Shaped



*Contact your distributor for actual rod kit weights as they can vary considerably

We recommend that you contact our valued chemical ground rod manufacturers and distributors for your site-specific requirements.

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