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Chemical Ground Rods

For vertical rods you will be required to auger a minimum 6” diameter hole allowing for a Chemical Ground Rods 2depth of at least 6” more than the length of the electrode. Remove all port coverings and position the chemical rod in the center of the hole. Each manufacturer will provide you with the proper procedure for applying the starter and backfilling material and the addition of water. A well drilling rig will be required for 20’ lengths. Exothermic weld the rod’s tail to the associated ground wire. Install the test well covering.

Horizontal and L-shaped chemical rods will require digging a trench to a minimum depth of 36”.

When estimating excavation costs, carefully review the site’s soil borings. Chances are you’ll find poor soil conditions that will include rock, especially if a horizontal chemical rod is specified.

CalculatorThe pricing below is the average charge, while on site, for a subcontractor to install a single chemical ground rod. Prices will vary depending upon site conditions and location and the number of rods to be installed. Material is not included.

Chemical Rod Installation Pricing (1 Rod)





Install Pricing

Weight (lbs.)

10' Vertical



20 Vertical






20' Horizontal



10' L-Shaped



20' L-Shaped



*Contact your distributor for actual rod kit weights as they can vary considerably

We recommend that you contact our valued chemical ground rod installation contractors to obtain additional information about their services, capabilities and experience.

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