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Building Permit Expediting

Permit expediting is becoming more common in the Permit Expediting 1 telecommunications industry. Carriers, owners, management groups and contractors are all using expediters to lower head count, reduce overhead and control project costs.  Most expediters charge flat fees to pull permits statewide, allowing contractors and carriers to focus on building sites, not getting permits. Charges are based upon the services requested. Some clients require additional pre and post permit services, but most general contractors are using the expediters to submit, process and monitor the client-provided application package of plans, forms and drawings. Pricing is based upon the local competitive environment, client requirements and sometimes the location if the permitting authority is a great distance away.

CalculatorFor a budgetary consideration you would expect to be charged an average fee of $1,200.00, after zoning approval, for a raw land build application and a $700.00 fee for an uncomplicated colocation. Pricing is reduced on multi-site agreements. Some expediting firms work on a $50.00  or more hourly rate and can handle more complicated zoning or variance issues.

Permit Expediting 2 Many building departments seeming take pride in adopting the military’s maxim of hurry up and wait. If you’re attempting the  arduous task of applying for a permit yourself, you’ll note a few applicants that appear to be getting special attention. Chances are they’re expediters who have cemented an excellent relationship with the examiners and are respected for their construction knowledge.

We recommend that you contact our listed permit expediting companies to obtain additional information about their services, capabilities and experience.

Identify the experience level of your expediter

Prior to hiring an expediter, determine if the firm has the requisite wireless construction knowledge necessary to provide you with the quickest possible turnaround time. Although most plan reviewers have acquired an understanding of tower-related construction design requirements, many don’t. If your expediter has a comprehensive background in wireless construction, he or she can assist you in overcoming unnecessary delays. In example, local building officials want the tower design to comply with their locally Permit Expediter 3adopted building codes, such as the UBC, SBC, or BOCA. EIA/TIA 222-F is the national standard for tower design, but code examiners want to see the calculations documentation completed in a method they are familiar with. Although the UBC includes EIA/TIA 222-F by citation, the others do not.

A quality expediter will follow up with the building department officials to monitor the application’s process in order to address and solve problems immediately. They’ll also provide you with frequent status updates.

Reference checks and financial stability inquiries are equally as important when selecting an expediter.

Colocate reviews can be greased with additional fees
To generate additional income some cities will provide a quicker turnaround for colocations. What would normally take one to two weeks can be expedited and your permit can be received in three days...for about three times the amount of the standard fee.

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