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Superflexible cables in 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2” sizes are generally used for jumpers that connect various parts of transceiver equipment, and from the transceiver equipment to the “main” coax line as well as to the antenna. They are also utilized for jumpers used to connect test equipment to the coax/antenna system; however, phase stable jumpers are recommended by test equipment manufacturers. Because of their small size, these cables are easy to use in tight places but have more loss than their larger counterparts. A 7/8” superflexible cable is also available. Braided cable products are extremely flexible and are also used for jumper assemblies. The jumpers can be provided by the manufacturer or distributor with your exact length and connector requirements. They are provided with factory soldered waterproof connectors.

CalculatorThe most common sizes are 1/2” jumpers with lengths of 3’ or 6’. You’ll need to identify what types of connectors will be required such as DIN Male/DIN Female. For estimating purposes for all connector types except for a right angle, the average price for a 1/2” 3-foot jumper will be $84.00. A 6’ assembly is $91.00. Add taxes and freight.

We recommend that you contact our valued jumper manufacturers and distributors for your site-specific requirements.

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