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Snap-In Hanger Kits

The one piece stainless steel snap-in cable hanger is the tower technician’s first choice when installing coax due to its simplicity of attachment. The locking tab system is easily Snap-In Hanger Kit 1installed without any fastening hardware or tools. The hanger provides security and stability to the cable run, preventing the transmission line from sustaining wind damage. Excessive dents in the outer conductor can result in VSWR degradation. Standard “butterfly” hangers are specified in locations that have high wind or ice loading which, according to some industry experts, can pull a snap-in hanger out of Snap-In Hanger Kit 3 its locking barbs and the tower member mounting hole.

Hangers are usually sold in kits of 10 and will snap in to an accommodating pre-punched 3/4” mounting hole. For applications that do not have a mounting bracket, an angle adaptor can be mounted directly to flat members. Jaw openings and serrated edges for gripping vary. For attachment to a round member, a tower standoff, typically providing 1” or 2” of clearance, can be used. Standoffs are usually sold without the hose Snap-In Hanger Kit 4 clamp. Stackable snap-in hangers are used to quickly and easily secure multiple transmission lines. They can be stacked up to two or three deep depending upon the cable size. Snap box brackets can accommodate three transmission lines with three 3/4” holes and one 7/16” mounting hole for 3/8” hardware.

Many hanger manufacturers recommend one hanger for every three foot of cable, however, some tower and accessory product manufacturers provide cable ladder spacing every four feet. First, identify what the specifications call for, and then assess the type of mounting system that will be provided.Calculator

The following average pricing is from multiple snap-in hanger kit and accessory distributors. Pricing does not include tax, freight and installation.


Snap-In Hangers and Accessories

Snap-In Hangers

  Hanger   Hanger
Cable Size Pricing (10) Cable Size Pricing (10)
1/2" $23.67 5/8" $28.25
7/8" $28.80 1-1/4" $29.17
1-5/8" $29.54 2-1/4" $33.64

Angle Adaptors

Angle (SS)   Hanger  Total Hanger/
Adaptor (10) Cable Size Pricing (10) Adaptor (10)
$43.38 1/2" $23.67 $67.05
$43.38 5/8" $28.25 $71.63
$43.38 7/8" $28.80 $72.18
$43.38 1-1/4" $29.17 $72.55
$43.38 1-5/8" $29.54 $72.91
$43.38 2-1/4" $33.64 $77.02


  Standoff Hose Total Standoff/
Leg Size Pricing (10) Clamp (10) Clamp (10)
1" to 2" $54.96 $14.20 $69.16
2" to 3" $54.96 $15.97 $70.94
3" to 4" $54.96 $17.73 $72.69
4" to 5" $54.96 $18.55 $73.51
5" to 6" $54.96 $19.69 $74.66
6" to 8" $54.96 $22.56 $77.52

Snap-In Box Cluster Brackets

Description     Price (10)
Snap-In box cluster brackets for mounting 3 lines $47.48

We recommend that you contact our valued hanger manufacturers and distributors for your site-specific requirements.

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