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Snap-In Hanger Kits

The one piece stainless steel snap-in cable hanger is the tower technician’s first choiceSnap-In Hanger Kit 1 when installing coax due to its simplicity of attachment. The locking tab system is easily  installed without any fastening hardware or tools. The typical installation of a snap-in hanger requires cradling the hanger in your hand and squeezing it around the cable prior to its insertion into the pre-punched 3/4” mounting hole. The snap-in is ideal during winter environments, allowing the tech to wear gloves while installing the product.

For applications that do not have a fixed mounting bracket, an angle adaptor can be mounted directly to flat members. For attachment to a round member, a tower standoff can be used which will be attached with a hose clamp.

The time that it will take to install a snap-in hanger kit and secure the transmission line will vary depending upon the number of cables being dressed and the attachment structure. The ideal situation would be to have six transmission lines Snap-In Hanger Kit 4 coming down one waveguide ladder face  with picture perfect weather. However to enjoy a minimized wind loading, the installation might require installing two or three cables per leg with hose clamps and standoff brackets. A tower technician can average securing the line with 80 hangers per hour. The default pricing is per hanger installed.

We recommend that you contact our valued antenna and line installation companies to obtain additional information about their services, capabilities and experience.

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