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From initial market analysis to system design, implementation and optimization, wireless carriers are demanding a comprehensive coverage footprint, high reliability and high quality of service for their subscribers. Many wireless engineering firms provide experienced teams of RF engineers excelling in the following services: RF propagation, microwave path design, microwave protection, frequency coordination, and GIS mapping services for cellular, PCS and broadband and other wireless technologies.

Some company engineers have the expertise to provide the full scope of design solutions to both wireless carriers and equipment vendors spanning a wide range of technologies and applications including TDMA, CDMA, GSM, iDen, LMDS, Wireless Local Loop (WLL), GPRS, EDGE and 3G networks.

Some firms are strengthening their industry positions by specializing in emerging wireless data systems such as 802.16 and 802.20 (Wi-Fi).They can provide multi-story indoor studies that can calculate attenuation between floors and walls. Many in-building RF professionals can also provide propagation models for outdoor microcell studies

Different companies specialize in diverse areas of RF engineering and it’s important to identify the firm’s capabilities. It is equally as significant to review the experience level of the individuals assigned to the project. Their communications skills, both written and verbal, should be considered in addition to their business sense since their decisions will affect the project’s cost and success. Many clients have found that the size of the engineering firm is not a primary consideration, but experience and business capabilities are more important.

A registered professional engineer may be required on projects that require human health and safety such as RF exposure. Oftentimes non-qualified individuals will provide statements that are not correct, creating a client conflict when the comments become part of the public record during a hearing.

RF planning and design services can include:

Path Analysis
Path profiles provided
Climatic conditions reviewed
Fresnel zones and clearance requirements determinedRF Engineering 3
Potential reflection points reviewed

Frequency Planning Services
Radio frequencies identified
Interference reviewed

Link Analysis
System availability determined
Throughput performance determined

Distribution Optimization and Propagation Coverage
Propagation coverage determined from computer modeling
Optimal coverage from distribution points provided
Overlay of potential distribution sites.

Microwave Backhaul Paths
Backhaul path based upon throughput performance requirements determined
Equipment requirements for backhaul solutions generated

CalculatorWe recommend that you contact our listed RF Engineering companies to obtain additional information about their services, capabilities, experience and project-specific pricing. 

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