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Rip Rap

Rip rap should be dumped or placed in such a manner that the larger stones are uniformly distributed, the smaller rocks serve to fill the spaces between the larger stones, and that excessive segregation of the various stone sizes does not occur. Sufficient placing and leveling should be done to produce a firmly bedded neat and uniform surface conforming to the thickness, shape, and dimensions shown on the plans. Stone rip rap should be free from sod, roots, organic materials and debris prior to placement.

CalculatorDepending upon the project specifications and existing site conditions, proper placement of rip rap can exceed the cost of the materials. Although installation from a site development contractor averages $18.75 per ton for a minimum of 6 tons, the default pricing in "My Estimator"  does not include geotextile fabric. Multiple split load dumping and standby time can cost the contractor $59.00 per hour or more by the hauling contractor.

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