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Twisted Pair Cable

Twisted Pair Cable 1 Category 5 cable is constructed using eight 24 AWG insulated conductors (four pairs), enclosed by a thermoplastic jacket.  Each of the four conductor pairs is twisted together to reject electrical interference or "noise" from sources such as power wiring, fluorescent and HID ballasts, motors and other electrical  equipment. The EIA/TIA-568 standard identifies fiveTwisted Pair Cable 2categories or types of copper cable and components, but Cat 5(100 MHz 100 ohm unshielded cable) has become synonymous with copper teledata systems and is the most widely used.

The below table reflects averageCalculator distributor pricing based upon purchasing a 1000 ft. reel. Taxes, freight and installation costs are not included.

Category 5 Twisted Pair Cable


*Per Ft.

4-Pair - 24 ga. Solid Conductor - Unshielded


4-Pair - 24 ga. Solid Conductor - Shielded


4-Pair - 34 ga. Solid Conductor - Shielded UV Resistant


4-Pair - 24 ga. Solid Conductor - LAN Cable - Unshielded


25-Pair -24 ga. Solid Conductor - Tinned - Unshielded Telco


* Based upon purchasing a 1000' reel


We recommend that you contact our valued electrical manufacturers and distributors for your site-specific twisted pair cable requirements.

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