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Twisted Pair Cable

CalculatorPutting a linear foot price to placing Cat 5 cable is oftentimes impracticable due to the installation complexities involved in every project. The installation might require punching down a 25-pair cable in a telco panel or running cable through conduit or above ceiling panels. The scope of work will vary with each job. Experience is the best pricing guide. The average price charged by a contractor to pull and terminate twisted pair cable Twisted Pair Cable 2 through conduit while on site is $.39 per linear ft. Prices will vary depending upon site conditions and location.

EIA/TIA-568A, the Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling Standard, is the fundamental standard for telecom/LAN wiring. The standard defines the basic cable and outlet performance categories (Cat 3, 4, and 5 copper, plus optical fibers) as Twisted Pair Cable 1well as "horizontal" and "backbone" cabling.  In addition, it requires teledata wiring to be installed in a star or radial configuration, with homeruns from every outlet.

Unshielded Cat 5 cable should not be run parallel with power cable.

We recommend that you contact our valued teledata installation companies to obtain additional information about their services, capabilities and experience.

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