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Fill Requirements

With many wireless construction projects in and around the country’s major population centers, it is sometimes difficult to find sources for obtaining or disposing of dirt. In rural areas, fill is more readily available and foundation spoil, and cut and fill excess can Fill Requirements sometimes be distributed on site.

Typical specifications call for backfill material to consist of non-cohesive native or imported soil materials free of clay, rock or gravel that is larger than 2 inches. Debris, waste, frozen materials, and other unsuitable materials are to be removed.

Most project compounds requiring fill are normally a maximum of 100’x100’. In urban settings, the wireless structure is typically placed in an improved area with no road requirements or a short access road and turnaround area at the compound gate. The shortest road length for a guyed tower, due to anchor placement requirements, will be 50% of its height. Road lengths can be a mile or more in remote locations. Fill requirements vary with the site conditions.

CalculatorIf there is a requirement for fill dirt, the cost of the material is minimal, or sometimes provided at no cost to the contractor. If structural quality fill is required to be purchased, the price averages $7.65 per ton. Additional costs for delivery and spreading will average $10.90 per ton. The price for importing fill can vary widely depending on the material type, haul distance and truck loading cost. In addition, supply, demand, and timing will affect the price of dirt. The default fill price in "My Estimator" includes delivery and truck spreading based upon the number of tons required.

We recommend that you contact our valued excavators and site development companies to obtain additional information about your project-specific fill requirements.

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