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Grubbing and Grading

There are multiple local, state and federal project specifications for grubbing, from simple statements such as “remove all vegetation as required,” to detailed paragraphs providing definitions and procedures.

Many wireless construction site specifications simply state that theGrubbing Grading 1contractor is to strip the surface vegetation and remove tree stumps, roots, brush, shrubs and rocks, and all other unsuitable soils or materials. Most specifications do not detail minimal removal depths below the subgrade. When they are identified, it is typically no more than two feet. Rock removal depths are also absent or vague. Three inches seems adequate by many contractors, but be cautious when the specification states that the grubbing will be performed to the satisfaction of the project engineer.

Identify whether the materials stripped and removed have to be disposed of at locations outside the project site and estimate all costs involved. Grading costs for rough grade elevations will be based upon the volume and equipment required.

Calculator The average default pricing used in "My Estimator"  is based upon grubbing bushes, grass, sod, saplings, rock and properly disposing of all materials. No clearing is included. The actual cost can vary substantially. Every site requires a set of plans and an on-site evaluation by the contractor to ensure that it is estimated properly.

We recommend that you contact our valued excavators and site development companies to obtain additional information about your project-specific grubbing and grading requirements.

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