ExclamationNOTE: Before ordering a tower, identify the TIA/EIA revision the building department (see list ) requires as well as any special design requirements. Although Revision G went into effect January 1, 2006, and Revision G was included in the 2007 IBC Supplement, some jurisdictions may require the design to meet Revision F until their code books are updated. However, Tower Design Checklist if required, towers can be designed to meet both revisions. For additional information on Revision G, contact the following tower manufacturers and engineers:
ROHN ProductsSabre CommunicationsValmont Communications or Weisman Consultants. Also, review our Tower Design Checklist to ensure that you can easily provide the necessary information to your tower manufacturer to ensure that it meets your specific requirements and not the default design.

TIA EIA Rev G Wind Speeds


If you are a building official and your county requires design wind speeds that are different than the ones presented, please let us know by contacting: info@wirelessestimator.com. Include your name, position and a telephone contact number. We will review your request and post the change. Questions and comments about Revision G can be posted in our forum.


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