Wireless industry’s veterans deserve a heartfelt double tip of the hard hat

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When some veterans repeatedly hear “thank you for your service” they say at times they are slightly annoyed because it often comes across as an empty gesture, sort of like a knee-jerk “bless you” to a sneeze.

If you truly want to thank a veteran, there are many tangible and substantive ways to do it.

One opportunity to make a lasting impact is to explore hiring Warriors4Wireless (W4W) veterans, known to be some of the hardest working individuals you’ll meet. The non-profit organization has placed over 1,700 veterans in rewarding careers.

Or, in your normal hiring efforts, appreciate the importance of giving back to those who gave so much.

Also, there are many veteran-owned companies in wireless. Support them whenever you can.

If your company doesn’t observe Veteran’s Day as a paid holiday, consider bonusing in some manner all employees that are veterans.