FCC’s report shows Guam’s cell site outage at 20%, three weeks after Typhoon Mawar crippled the island’s power

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DOCOMO PACIFIC has repaired most of their cell towers that were damaged, but Guam is still dealing with power outages throughout the island.

DOCOMO PACIFIC has repaired most of its damaged cell towers, but Guam is still dealing with power outages throughout the island. Photo: DOCOMO PACIFICCCC

After Typhoon Mawar tore through Guam, the second largest U.S. territory, on May 24, the FCC identified that 60% of its 327 cell sites were down. Two days later, it increased to 70%.

However, in today’s report, that number has considerably improved, with the agency showing that only 19.9% are out of service. Seven were due to damage, ten due to transport, and 51 due to power.

Unfortunately, there are still 131 on backup power, and telecom officials are warning residents that they should expect outages as the availability of island power continues to fluctuate.

Although long lines at gas stations were hampering tower crews in their efforts last week to refuel their generators, it is starting to ease.

The Guam Power Authority is still experiencing brownouts in some areas.

DOCOMO PACIFIC, Guam’s largest carrier, said some cell sites were still down due to fiber cuts.

One TV station and four radio stations are still out of service.

Super Typhoon Mawar unleashed up to 150 mph winds and torrential rain on the Western Pacific Island.