SAC Wireless is the first company to equip all of its tower crews with powered rope ascenders

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The Ronin Lift evolved from elite military technology that enables SAC Wireless technicians to ascend quickly and safely to elevated work locations.

SAC Wireless, a Nokia Company and leading provider of communication network infrastructure, announced today at NATE UNITE 2023 a nationwide partnership with Ronin Revolution Corp., a developer of power rope ascenders and rescue equipment.


With powered ascenders becoming more prevalent in the industry, last year NATE released its Guide for Powered Ascender Use on Antenna Supporting Structures White Paper. This 10-page document is intended to address the use of Powered Ascenders in conjunction with a fixed synthetic rope for personnel ascending,

The wireless industry’s continued 5G rollout and federal commitment to infrastructure projects have increased the need for skilled technicians to deploy sophisticated communication technology on a wide variety of elevated structures. With the SAC deployment, telecom and utility communication network crews now have an alternative to climbing towers manually.

“As the leading provider of wireless infrastructure and private network deployment services, SAC is the first to use the Ronin Lift coast to coast,” said Chris Bondurant, CEO of SAC Wireless. “Safety is the #1 core value of our company. Reducing the amount of manual climb minutes increases technician performance, productivity, and longevity on the tower so we can precisely deploy innovative designs.”

The Ronin Lift can carry a payload of 400 lbs., in a relatively lightweight compact design at 24 lbs. Additional weight can be carried by integrating standard block and pulley systems and leveraging traditional mechanical advantages. Trained climbers can safely ascend 300 feet in less than 4 minutes.

“Ronin technology was perfected for the most demanding industrial environments,” states Bryant Bertrand, CEO of Ronin. “SAC’s company-wide rollout is a celebrated milestone as we scale our distribution to reach a wide variety of industry verticals with affordable and practical solutions to improve workplace safety and productivity.”