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About WirelessEstimator.comWhere America starts before the construction begins ®

Since its introduction in 2004, through the generous and active support of industry professionals and vendors, WirelessEstimator.com has become the premiere industry portal for the design, development, construction and maintenance of communications towers and other wireless structures. VIEW THE QUICK LINKS VERSION

News you'll want to know:
Wireless Estimator NewsWhile others are covering smart phone applications and cut and paste news bulletins, our editorial staff and contributing writers are fanatically focused upon the wireless infrastructure industry and how it will affect you and your company.

It's helped to make WirelessEstimator.com the most visited online site for a rich mix of breaking news as well as information about new productscompany news and siting and zoning information. You can also view archived news since 2004.

Events to plan your success:
Wireless Estimator EventsThere's no longer a need to search dozens of internet sites and read hundreds of emails filling your inbox to keep abreast of the conferences meetings and other business events that can add to you or your company's success. We provide them all in an easily viewed calendar. Click here.

Starting your company's day safely:
Wireless Estimator JEAPSince 2004 WirelessEstimator.com has heralded that the site is Where America starts before the construction begins ® . . .and it continues to hold true as most of America's major construction companies begin every job with a Jobsite Emergency Action Plan in a free proprietary safety module that keeps their company OSHA compliant. Hundreds of jobs are rolled every week using this program and we're proud to assist in keeping workers safe.

It is the nation's largest training portal:
Wireless Estimator TrainingIf it's safety, PIM testing, transmission line or any other industry training, you'll find it here on the nation's largest training calendar where every credible company certified to do instructional courses has placed their class listings. It's become the one-stop-shop for available safety training.

You'll no longer have to visit dozens of web sites and possibly miss a class that is being held when you need it, where you need it.

End your company's day safely:
Wireless Estimator SafetyWorker safety has been a mission of WirelessEstimator.com since its inception. The site reports upon fatalities, local and international, and along with its news, has performed surveys and analysis to assist in understanding the problem.

Its safety information and advocacy has been the source of major media articles and when OSHA tried to identify the most deadly jobs in America, they consulted with and directly referenced WirelessEstimator.com in their statistics. Our FACE Reports, a very popular area of the site used for tailgate sessions, can be found here.

Supplying America's largest workforce:
Wireless Estimator Help WantedOur easily searchable Help Wanted section has more industry employment opportunities than Monster.com, Career Builder, Yahoo Jobs and job boards combined.

The module also has an industry tracker that identifies industry employment trends. For workers seeking advancement or other opportunities, the site also has a Positions Wanted section. Most importantly, the site gets excellent results! You'll also find the nation's premiere staffing companies who can assist you with your employment needs.

The most extensive industry standards:
Wireless Estimator StandardsEvery day many hundreds of people use our industry standards information to assist them in their planning.

Whether it's to find a particular county's basic wind speed or to identify what is required by TIA/EIA-222-G in its Tower Design Checklist, the Standards button on our main menu above will direct you to the information you require. There are also State OSHA standards for North Carolina and Michigan.

Far-reaching industry information:
Wireless Estimator InformationEver have the need to identify the top tower owners in the nation? There's only one place in the country where it's available. Click here. Or, if you're looking for contact information for all of the country's State Wireless Associations, that too is available here.

Name the industry subject and there's a good chance you'll find it in our industry resource library. From tower lease rates to water tank installation procedures, you'll be able to easily search under many hundreds of topics.

Estimating modules assist in bidding:
Wireless Estimator EstimatingReliance upon a calculator to obtain quantity information is a time-consuming effort that on occasion provides operator errors in estimating. WirelessEstimator.com understands the problems and is rolling out a number of modules to ensure accuracy and drastically cut the time required to assess bid quantities.

Take our Guy Wire Calculator for a test drive and you'll appreciate how quick and easy it can be. New modules from the site's estimating program are being developed and will be rolled out soon.

Find pricing variances by State and Zip Code:
Wireless Estimator PricingThere are times when you will need  to consider pricing modifications in each area of the country and decide if it influences your cost of construction.

These pricing variances will allow you to easily identify material, installation, and weighted average cost differences by each state or in every major sectional zip code service center in the country. It's saved many a contractor from bidding too low or high over the years and is another excellent tool to stay competitive.

A targeted professional forum:
Wireless Estimator ForumOur forum allows visitors to view and post in numerous categories ranging from tower installation information to beautiful bidding blunders and how to avoid them. Since all posts are moderated, there are no vulgarity and personal attacks often found on other forums.

It's why professional engineers will frequently contribute to the site with their questions and answers. For some articles such as an industry concern about turfing contractors and a comparison between U.S. and international fatalities, a viewer reply section will be provided where many dozens of comments are the norm.

Vendor locator is a great Buyers Guide:
Wireless Estimator VendorsIt's now easier than ever to select your vendors or contractors by their specialization.

Our Vendor Locator in our Buyers Guide also allows you to view a contractor whose services are available in a specific state where they either have an office or can be competitive.

Main menu will show you even more:
Wireless Estimator MenuFrom the nation's only industry crossword puzzle to a directory of State Occupational and Health offices, there are dozens more valuable tools that will assist you as a professional in the wireless industry.

And if you have any ideas as to how we can further impove the site's offerings, please contact us at info@wirelessestimator.com.

Advertising with proven results:
Wireless Estimator AdvertisingWith WirelessEstimator.com's highly targeted audience, advertisers - from the country's leading tower manufacturers to the nation's most successful distributors as well as foremost tower owners and service organizations - appreciate the excellent results they receive from their ad placements.

For a quick tour of the many economic locations on the site that are available to let you capture our huge and ready-to-buy audience, click here.

Classifieds with a leg up:
WirelessClassifieds.comWirelessEstimator.com's sister site, WirelessClassifieds.com, hasWireless Estimator Logo become the leading site for inexpensive, but result-driven classified advertisements. It's only open to industry products and services and targeting your audience has never been easier! You can also sign up for an RSS feed or email alerts to be able to immediately receive information about products you are interested in purchasing.

 Who can benefit from the services offered by WirelessEstimator.com?

General Contractors * Sub-Contractors * Suppliers * Engineers * Architects * Carriers
* Tower Owners *Tower Workers * Manufacturers * Management Firms * Railroads
* Utility Companies * Business Services * Purchasing Agents * Planners * Consultants * Site Acquisition Firms * Local Governments * State Governments * Federal Government * Insurers
And every other business professional interested in using the tools and information that will make their job or company more profitable!


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