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BTS Cabinet Offload/Setup

Many colocation installation specifications will have the carrier’s Base Transceiver Station (BTS) cabinet picked up by the installation contractor and installed on site along with grounding and connection of the transmission lines and jumpers. Commissioning  will be done by others. Some applications will require installing a customer-supplied mounting frame on a previously poured pad. A boom truck will be required for most installations. Power hookup will be provided by the project’s electrical contractor.

CalculatorYour pricing should be based upon the number of lines and other site specific requirements such as the BTS’s installed location. If the transmission lines have been previously dressed out, two technicians can transport and install a BTS cabinet at ground level, ground it and connect 9 transmission lines in a total of 6-8 man-hours. Some contractors will allow 4 man-hours for pickup of the equipment if location specifics are not available. Add to your proposal any anchorage materials that may be required.

We recommend that you contact our listed BTS installation contractors to obtain additional information about their services, capabilities, experience and pricing.

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