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Compound FencingCompound Fencing 1

Chain link fences are the standard for communications sites unless the permitting community requires a specialized type of fence conforming to area aesthetics.

Many tower site compound security fences require one 6’ wide double swing vehicle gates with welded frames, and are required to meet the following fencing specifications:

 Corner, End or Pull Post      

 4” Schedule 40 Pipe

 Gate Post   

 4” Schedule 40 Pipe

 Gate Frame                                      

 1-1/2” Pipe

 Gate Diagonal 

 1-1/2” Pipe

 Line Post (Max 8’-0” on center) 

 2-1/2” Schedule 40 Pipe

 Top Rail and Brace Post 

 1-1/2” Pipe


 9 GA Core Wire, 2” Mesh

 Tie Wire    

 11 GA Galvanized at Post  and rails

 Tension Wire                          

 9 GA Galvanized

 Barbed Wire  

 3 Strands Double Twisted with 4 Point Barbs, 5” O.C., 45 Degrees

 Corner and Gate Post Bracing   

 1-5/8” Pipe, Each Corner, Each Way, 1 on Each Side of Gate Post

 Corner and Gate Truss Bracing

 3/8” Diagonal Rod with Galvanized Steel Turnbuckle or Diagonal Threaded Rod Each Corner, Each Way, 1 on Each Side of Gate Post

Typical line post foundations are 8”x36”. Posts are encased in 2000 PSI concrete. Corner and gate posts are sized at 12”x36”. Ensure that your fencing contractor is aware of the soil conditions referenced in the tower base borings.

Quick Quote After providing your compound length and width in the estimating program, you will receive the average budgetary price that a fencing contractor will provide to furnish and install your 6’ high chain link fence with 1’ of barbed wire based upon the above specifications. Pricing will vary depending upon location, site Compound Fencing 2 conditions, and increased material specifications as well as additional fencing requirements such as including a pedestrian or rolling gate. Also, add to your pricing, if required a multi-lock system (See Security Systems/Locking Devices ). Check with your fencing contractor for specialized fences required to meet zoning regulations. If you require a 4'-wide pedestrian gate it will average $477. If a 16' cattle gate is required for the project (2, 8' gates), budget $1,100 .

We recommend that you contact our valued fencing companies to obtain additional information about their services, capabilities and experience.

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