PCIA urges California’s governor to sign bill that would alleviate site delays

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PCIA – The Wireless Infrastructure Association has urged Governor Jerry Brown to sign California Assembly Bill 57, which will help alleviate delay in applications to site new wireless facilities and renew permits for existing wireless facilities.

Jonathan Adelstein

Jonathan Adelstein

In the letter, Adelstein noted, “For example, in San Diego, a PCIA member reports that applications for conditional use permit renewals at four separate sites took approximately two years—or in some cases, even longer.”

“In San Marcos, next month will mark two years since a PCIA member began the renewal process for its conditional use permit; regrettably, that approval process continues to drag on. If enacted, AB 57 would cut approval time for sites like these to just 150 days, one-quarter of the time it can currently take under existing law. By speeding approval of these facilities, we can ensure Californians have access to robust mobile broadband in a timely fashion,” Adelstein said.

“Moreover,” Adelstein said, “robust wireless network infrastructure will spur economic growth and promote job creation in California. A recent study indicates projected wireless infrastructure investment of $34 to $36 billion per year through 2017 would result in $1.2 trillion in economic development and 1.3 million net new jobs.”