Centerline Solutions continues expansion with acquisition of Boulder Technology

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Centerline Solutions, a leading provider of wireless infrastructure services to the telecommunications industry, has acquired Boulder Technology, LLC., an expert software design and development firm based in Boulder, Colo. This acquisition bolsters Centerline Solutions’ leadership position within the wireless industry by securing an in-house technical team to meet the evolving software needs for complex wireless projects.

boulder-technologyCenterline Solutions and Boulder Technology have collaborated extensively over the past five years, on a joint project to develop Centerline Solutions’ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, Centerpath, which serves as the foundation of its workflow planning for projects, resource planning and business operations oversight. All of Boulder Technology’s employees will join Centerline Solutions, with most individuals shifting their work location from Boulder, CO to Centerline Solutions’ headquarters in Golden, Colo.

“One of the most exciting areas where clients are asking for our help is with business intelligence and data mining, which gives them invaluable information for steering their infrastructure decisions and optimizing their network. Having Boulder Technology join our team helps us broaden our services with an in-house tech group that has expertise in those exact areas,” said Ben Little, CEO of Centerline Solutions. “The work we do for clients today has so many facets to it. Software development is something that is supporting our company’s success and piquing the interest of more and more companies we work with. This is the future of wireless, and I am proud that Centerline Solutions is leading the way once again.”

“Our team has worked extensively with Centerline Solutions over the years, and this is an outstanding fit both in terms of culture and in terms of our shared vision for how software is transforming the wireless landscape,” said Bill O’Toole, founder of Boulder Technology. “After working with them for so many years, I can say Ben Little and the Centerline team are true visionaries in their industry, and I look forward to working side-by-side as we build the wireless networks of tomorrow.”