USA Telecom Insurance Services takes active role in supporting TIRAP

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USA Telecom Insurance Services (USATIS) has become the National Marketing Partner for Apprenticeship Outreach for the Telecommunication Industry Registered Apprenticeship Program (TIRAP). USATIS will be joining the National Sponsor, the Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA), in the role of expanding this widely-beneficial credentialed apprenticeship program across the wireless industry.

TIRAP is a joint venture of telecommunications companies, industry associations, and the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL). TIRAP assesses existing, and develops new, DOL-credentialed apprenticeship programs. It is available to qualified employers for career development of the telecommunications workforce. This effort, along with other industry initiatives, is poised to positively transform the wireless industry by promoting safety, enhanced quality of work, and educational advancement opportunities designed to develop the workforce as the wireless industry faces ever-increasing network infrastructure build-out needs.

The partnership between USA Telecom Insurance Services and TIRAP is a natural fit. Scott Kisting, TIRAP Board Chairman & Executive Vice President at Proactive Telecommunications Solutions, LLC., states the root of the program lies in providing the people in the telecom industry with “enhanced quality and safe workplaces.”

The USATIS Team could not agree more with that philosophy, and President Dennis Robinson states that “we have chosen to put our name and reputation behind TIRAP and the support of the efforts of the National Sponsor WIA, because we see it as a positive and progressive force in an industry that is constantly striving to provide safer and more secure working conditions.” CEO and Lead TIRAP Apprenticeship Facilitator Bruce Eades echoes that sentiment in saying that “USATIS is honored to support TIRAP, WIA and the industry in the growth and expansion of apprenticeship programs that are vital to the advancement of the telecom industry. We are proud to take on the role of helping employers cultivate and maintain safe, well-trained, and productive workforces.”

When asked about the relationship between TIRAP and USATIS, Chairman Kisting stated that the role of National Marketing Partner for Apprenticeship Outreach is vital to the growth of TIRAP. USATIS has taken on the task of “communicating with insurers and employers about the program and seeking to bring all the support the insurance industry can to increase options for employers that invest in their employee’s growth and development. USATIS seeks to raise awareness and help employers understand the benefits of the program.”

Deb Bennett, WIA’s National Director of Apprenticeship, further explains the role of USATIS as that of “interfacing with the TIRAP Board and working directly with employers to communicate the benefits of apprenticeship, ranging from improved employee retention rates and workforce development to the implementation of a structure that will drive down loss rates and bring about consistency across the industry.”

The Executive Board leading the charge on TIRAP include some of the top minds across the key segments of the wireless industry, a critical fact given this is the first time the government has directly considered voices within the industry in establishing a credentialing process.

Jonathan Adelstein, President & CEO of WIA, states that “the apprenticeship model is ideal for the recruitment and career development our growing industry needs to meet the demand for a skilled and evolving workforce. WIA applauds USATIS for rolling up its sleeves and so effectively promoting the effort to improve the wireless workforce.” According Bruce Eades, “USATIS is ready to lead the charge in communicating the benefits of TIRAP & introducing telecom employers nationwide to the wide range of benefits associated with credentialed apprenticeships.”

The tireless efforts of the TIRAP Board and the work of the USATIS, WIA, and Jobs for the Future (JFF) have led to early success in the formation of credentialed apprenticeships, and new credentialed positions include:

● Telecommunications Antenna & Line Foreman
● Telecommunications Construction Foreman

Chairman Kisting is appreciative for the support provided by USATIS and WIA towards making TIRAP a reality, stating that “it is truly humbling to see so many people and organizations working to support this industry and the men and women that work to build this great infrastructure.”

USATIS is proud to stand behind this game-changing program, and Dennis Robinson says that his team is “excited at the prospect of helping countless members of the wireless workforce maximize their skills, productivity, and most importantly – their safety. This program, coupled with testing and certification offered through the National Wireless Safety Alliance (NWSA) is a game changer for the industry. USATIS is proud to stand behind this program.”

If you would like to learn more about TIRAP and how to bring registered apprenticeships to your company, schedule an “Accelerator Session” at the Wireless Infrastructure Show ( on Wednesday, May 24th from 3:00-6:00pm.