FCC order and the order that software plays in 5G are key Wireless West sessions

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Pictured, from left: Robert Jystadt, Anthony Lehv and Kehoe

Pictured, from left: Robert Jystadt, Anthony Lehv and Carly Kehoe during their FCC session at Wireless West

Day two of the Wireless West conference kicked off with a wireless fireside chat with Pete Bernard, Principal Group Program Manager – Silicon and 5G Connectivity Partners at Microsoft.

Pete Bernard

Pete Bernard

“We are seeing a lot of investment in software in hardware companies,” Bernard said. “For example, Tesla, about 6% of their employees are software developers.  Traditionally, Ford for example, that number is 1%.”

He said that 5G in terms of connecting the Cloud and the Edge is a game-changer and the only way to keep up with the demand of network usage is to use software and the hyper-capability of the cloud.

“AI has some great uses to help companies and people. We are working with companies to create a framework to utilize AI for the betterment of humankind,” Bernard said.

“We are getting a lot of companies coming to us and asking how do we use 5G on our campus or in our factory?”

A second well-attended session  was FCC & Me: Effects of the New FCC Order moderated by Robert Jystad, Government Relations Manager, Sure Site/Crown Castle.

Panelist Carly Kehoe, Senior Planner and Project Manager, WSB & Associates, Inc has certainly increased her firm’s workload.

“Working with the local level so we can work this out and get the technology deployed is our goal,” said Kehoe.

Anthony Lehv, General Counsel, ExteNet Systems, said the Declarator Ruling and Third Report and Order “has been a big positive for the industry and the municipalities.”