AT&T’s says its network was walloped by Hurricane Ida

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AT&T said

AT&T said in Louisiana, 40% of its network was down. That percentage likely increased considerably in hard hit parishes.

Many people in Southeast Louisiana with AT&T have no phone service after Hurricane Ida tore through the area Sunday, losing about 40% of its network.

Verizon said the company was “still actively assessing the situation on the ground as it is safe to do so.” Although they are seeing sites out of service in the heaviest hit areas, overlapping sites are offering some coverage to residents and first responders who remain there.

T-Mobile has not released a statement regarding their service outages.

AT&T said there were significant impacts from the storm, causing widespread phone outages.

The carrier released the following statement regarding the outage: “Hurricane Ida has caused significant impacts to our network in Louisiana from the massive power outages and storm damage.

“Our Louisiana wireless network is operating at 60% of normal and we have significant outages in New Orleans and Baton Rouge due to power outages, flooding and storm damage. We had key network facilities go offline overnight, and while some have already been restored, some facilities remain down and are inaccessible due to flooding and storm damage.

“Our Network Disaster Recovery teams are working to gain access to these locations as soon as possible to restore services. We are also focused on getting our customers, their families and first responders connected. We’ve already mobilized additional disaster recovery equipment in the region to assist in the recovery and will work around the clock until service is restored. We will provide additional updates here throughout the day.

“Our wireless network in Alabama is operating normally and we’ve seen only a very small wireless impact in Mississippi at this time.”