Financially strapped landlord sues American Tower in a hail Mary attempt to shore up lost rents and profits

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American Tower Lawsuit

The building owner claims that Global Tower damaged their rooftop, causing them to lose over $75,000. Global Tower claims the roof has always been in disrepair and any damage to the building was due to the landlord’s neglect. In another lawsuit, the landlord is suing Global Towers’ attorneys in a pro se action.

A Baltimore City, Maryland building owner is suing American Tower’s Global Tower Holdings for allegedly not maintaining a cell site on the property’s rooftop and causing damages above $75,000.

Olcan lll Properties, LLC states in their complaint that they had provided an easement since January 1, 2021, to Global Tower on the property located at 4437 Belair Road for “a cell phone tower which has been placed on the top of the building …”.

Olcan claims that Global Tower breached the contract between the parties by failing to “maintain the cell phone tower and area supporting the cell phone tower which as a result has damaged Plaintiff’s property.”

Olcan states in the complaint that Global Tower was also negligent and “recklessly” caused damage to their building that caused them to “lose rents and profits.”

In a filing to dismiss the complaint, Global Tower claimed that “Plaintiff has neglected its property for years, failing to maintain the building. Defendant’s lease space occupies only a small portion of the building’s rooftop. Instead of addressing the damage caused by its own neglect, Plaintiff filed this lawsuit in an attempt to coerce Defendant into paying for repairs at the property.”

Olcan may not have the funding to pay for the repairs since the corporation filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on August 18, 2021, listing assets of $653,000 and debts of $441,327.

Global Tower noted in its filing that Olcan’s sole member, Tony Sadeghi, filed a separate lawsuit against its law firm and an in-house attorney. They said, “Despite being represented by counsel, Mr. Sadeghi has repeatedly called and emailed Defendant’s employees making threats and demanding immediate payment. The most recent instance occurred on December 1, 2022.” The court’s database states Sadeghi is requesting more than $30,000.

U.S. District Judge Lydia Kay Griggsby said that Global Tower must submit their dismissal motion by February 1, and Olcan has until March 1 to respond.