T-Mobile axing its projects led a baker’s dozen top news stories during 2019

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The top stories in 2019, according to Wireless Estimator readership analytics, followed previous years’ subject matter favorites based upon the site’s in depth and exclusive articles as well as its comprehensive coverage of industry fatalities.

T-Mobile’s unexpected new build cancellations in August came in first with 41,362 views.

Although industry product recalls typically are viewed by less than 2,000 readers, this Crosby 7/8" shackle recall saw 34,000 and over 12,000 likes.

Although industry product recalls typically are viewed by less than 2,000 readers, this Crosby 7/8″ shackle recall saw 31,974 unique views and over 12,000 likes.

However, a Crosby product recall in November for certain 7/8” shackles surprised Wireless Estimator’s staff when it totaled 31,974 unique views and over 12,000 likes. Previous product recalls for a Miller self-retracting lifelines and a dorsal d-ring defect on an ExoFit NEX harness, saw less than 1,700 views for each notice.

While articles pertaining to FCC activities and auctions are typically low in readership, there were higher than normal readership counts for an exclusive interview with Commissioner Brendan Carr and stories regarding his outreach to contractors at tower sites.

Although not making the list, coverage of NATE members being lauded by President Donald Trump at a White House event held a key interest of 6,780 viewers.

Company and towerco lawsuits also ranked high with Wireless Estimator readers.


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