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These tube style, narrow galvanized structures offer carriers and owners numerous savings opportunities. Smaller lease areas, smaller price tags and reduced construction time offer speed to market as well as savings. These structures are manufactured in steel, concrete and fiberglass and are most often freighted on a single truck, providing additional savings. Tapered steel or slip joint poles have become the most common, with step tapered or pipe section poles as the second selection. Poles can be multi-sided or smooth.

The structures are aesthetically pleasing and blend well into the environment while requiring minimum space for installation. Interior placement of transmission lines means that the coaxial cable is not exposed to wear and tear or wind-induced loads. Typically, climbing accessories and antennas are the only visible additions. Platforms and antenna  arrays can be rotated to any azimuth.

Monopole 2The fastest on air times are offered by monopoles since most types can be erected in one day. Employing a minimum amount of time for foundations, a site can move quickly from “permit ready” to producing revenues. Monopoles can also be purchased with future elevation needs. Several manufacturers assemble each pole with a top flange that will accommodate growth as a standard procedure. If the rad centers of co-location tenants are known, it's advisable to provide for multiple entry ports when ordering the structure; having to cut them in later can be an expensive proposition. In addition to engineering fees, to provide a new entry averages $2,900 for a bottom port and $3,900 for an upper port while the contractor is on site performing other project requirements.

If the tower structure's elevation is over 200 feet it willTower Obstruction Lighting 1 be required to have obstruction lighting. Some structures close to an airport will require lighting no matter what height the structure is. If lighting is required you'll find additional information by going to:

If you have an existing monopole that is over capacity, there are various strengthening systems that are available to reinforce the structure in order to increase its co-location capability. Also, there are engineers whose specialty is in designing retrofitting systems.

CalculatorPricing for your site specific monopole is available from our valued monopole manufacturers. Many of them have on line quotation request forms for a quick and accurate proposal. In addition to your system’s requirements you will be requested to provide the design wind speed for the structure’s location.

To identify the wind speed, please visit ABOUT WIND SPEEDS  . Minimum basic wind speeds (MPH) are presented so that the Wireless Estimator user can identify the requirement in each county in all states, for estimating purposes only. Keep in mind that in each county or city there might be a special wind region or an increase in the basic wind speed to accommodate hurricane prone coastlines. Also, the owner may require an increased wind speed to further protect his structure.

When effective January 1, 2006, the new TIA/EIA Revision G standard will incorporate sweeping changes. To get a headstart on learning about some of the new purchaser and manufacturing requirements, please view TIA/EIA Revision G .

 ExclamationNOTE: Before ordering a tower, identify the TIA/EIA revision the building department requires as well as any special design requirements. Although Revision G goes into effect January 1, 2006, some jurisdictions may require the design to meet Revision F until IBC adopts Revision G or their code books are updated and reference Revision G. However, Tower Design Checklist if required, towers can be designed to meet both revisions. For additional information on Revision G, contact the following tower manufacturers and engineers:
Radian RohnSabre CommunicationsValmont Communications or Weisman Consultants . Also, review our Tower Design Checklist to ensure that you can easily provide the necessary information to your tower manufacturer to ensure that it meets your specific requirements and not the default design.

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