2015’s 50 most popular news stories according to views

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A news article that doesn’t have as many views as another story doesn’t mean that it wasn’t important to industry readers. It just meant that it appealed to a more select group of viewers. The below articles had the most views on Wireless Estimator from the more than 694,00 unique viewers that visited the site in 2015. Articles are in calendar order from January 1, 2015, not in the total number of views.

One of the highest viewed articles was the release of a 26-month study by Wireless Estimator identifying that there were approximately 29,000 tower climbers in the  U.S., almost triple from the last available analysis undertaken in 2006 by Wireless Estimator which put the total of tower technicians at approximately 9,800.

The highest viewed article was the introduction and landing page of OSHA’s request for information (RFI) about the causes of employee injuries and fatalities. Jim Maddux, OSHA’s Director of the Directorate of Construction,  said that “Wireless Estimator’s online comment module facilitated an enormous response from the public, with over 1,300 comments submitted to the RFI.”

Over 67,000 viewers read those comments and Maddux said OSHA is “considering ways to use the model to encourage greater public participation in future Agency initiatives.”

South Dakota tower tech’s climb to 1,500 feet heads north of a million views

RF could have been the real killer of a BASE jumper who fell to his death

Two technicians injured after a tower section collapses in Nebraska

ATC leads slightly over Crown with their $5 billion 11,324 Verizon tower deal

OSHA cites wireless contractor with $114,800 fine following painter’s death

Over 29,000 tower climbers identified in extensive wireless workforce survey

Competitive spirit can be cutthroat in leasehold ground wars of towercos

Goodman Networks lays off 340 as construction managers’ lawsuit advances

Woman’s death linked to her boyfriend’s tower tech profession in Texas

Near electrocution of two techs requires a review of safe practices

Lawsuit win sees contractor’s claim doubled and ownership of 32 towers up for grabs

As it mulls new tower safety rules, OSHA strongly urges everyone to comment

Vertical realtor Crown Castle makes a $1 billion bet on going horizontal

Technician accused of stealing over 4,000 cell site batteries during Northeast crime spree

Vertical Bridge tower compound fire warrants a call for crews to be vigilant

SBA Communications’ ‘improper accounting’ whistleblower act charge is denied by court

In a surprise move, SBA walks out with cash and away from its investment in DAS

Newest Hall of Shame tech should be severely disciplined or let go by his employer

Safety alliance reaches out to tower techs and appoints two climbers to their Board of Governors

Memorial fund set up after fiery crash takes the lives of five cell site workers in Florida

National Wireless Safety Alliance’s Board selected to guide assessment and certification programs

Boca Raton, Florida is fast becoming the corporate hub of choice for tower owners

American Tower’s CEO unloads 47,000 shares and the 48-hour silly cycle begins

Texas climber succumbs to injuries after falling from water tower

To be 5G, or not to be, that is the question seeking answers at Super Mobility 2015

Man who fell from tower is stable, but news reports aren’t healthy with facts

Carabiner’s use in lieu of shackle could have caused tower tech’s decapitation

Many wireless contractors will be required to provide a week of paid sick leave in 2017

Deceased tower techs’ signatures were forged to falsely state they were W-9 contractors

Lawmakers’ RF concerns are on target, but media inflates dangerous site totals

American Tower topples an Oklahoma tower while its sole tenant was broadcasting

Broadband tower tech is severely shocked in Indiana incident

Tech’s death in Pennsylvania is the industry’s third work site fatality in 2015

Battery catcher in the rye bread truck and other wacky world events

T-Mobile battles Sirius cell site interference claims and an FCC dispute resolution proposal

CM refuses $100,000 in back overtime as Crown Castle asks to put her case on hold

FCC Commissioner’s new tower builds is based on a hazy crystal ball

One towerco to own a mind-boggling 1.5 million towers in China in a $34 billion deal

GCI fined $620,500 by FCC for not registering 118 towers and lamping three structures

Ernie Jones succumbs following tragic tower elevator-related accident in Oklahoma

Broadcaster sues its attorney for $20 million after a 16-year-old FCC filing snafu

FCC’s $718,000 fine for blocking Wi-Fi should be welcomed by wireless industry exhibitors

Three tower techs arrested while working on their day off at an American Tower site

Lack of tower crews and antenna manufacturers cited as reasons to revisit repacking deadline

Court rules that AT&T will stand trial in tower injury lawsuit along with other defendants

FCC hits two carriers with $85,000 in fines for RF exposure rooftop violations in Arizona

Court tosses tech’s appeal that his RF burns were the fault of prime contractor

Removing five diagonals and loosening 12 others cited for causing deaths, injuries

Industry expert is banking upon AT&T ramping up spending for its U.S. wireless network

New FAA tower lighting standard will cut costs and cut down on avian deaths